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Bolder, você vai fazer falta por aqui. Our condolence to the family and the Uriah Heep. Juanator 23 May, 2013 Very sad indeed. La discussione su quanto sia più o meno divertente Luttazzi, sui limiti della satira, sull'ipotesi di vivere in un paese sufficientemente libero oppure in una plaga sudamericana, è la più noiosa e inutile possibile. I grew up with you and Uriah Heep and met you once back in Osnabrück 1980 on your Conquest tour. (da Benvenuti in Italia,. Il modello è la guerrilla advertising del Bivings Group.

De band was close en daarom zo goed en stabiel. In 2019 Backstreet Boys has more than 50 concerts in the US with their DNA US tour. Trevor, I will always be listening to you somewhere.' Gary Gary Kemp Spandau Ballet 22 May, 2013 I didn't know Trevor that well but from the few times I met him I found him to be a true gentleman. Enjoy your new life with all the other great musicians. Tutti a presentarlo oggi come uomo di cultura. RIP Trevor Glen Doucet - Canada 11 June, 2013 Your music was my music. They are very fine guys! Trevor's passing is a really great loss to the music world. Fassino ha detto: "il Partito Democratico è un partito che deve stare in sintonia con la società".

As a bass player myself doing Heep songs with Circle of Hands some time ago I know about the musical quality. Per l'occasione, le discriminazioni contro le donne e contro i gay verranno tenute a mezz'asta. Thanks for all the wonderful moments you have gifted me with. ( Antonio Dipollina ) Luttazzi è un cretino. My wife and I feel like we lost a friend, which we have.

You were a truly nice man and excellent musician. Thanks for your lovely calm manner. Christy Zolfoghary 2 June, 2013 There will never be another you. She is young, beautiful and charming woman in her 30s. Thibault Plisson 23 May, 2013 Trevor was the best ever bassplayer I have had the luck to see live, 3 times with Uriah Heep, and all records and DVDs.

All tour dates are available at the urlmCarrie Underwood tour Bakersfield/url. Dirk Reichel 30 May, 2013 Meine aufrichtige Anteilnahme und mein Beileid fr die Familie und die Freunde. Jerry Linda Miller 27 May, 2013 rest in peace Trevor. I have always liked his ways to play and express themselves in the group. Harald Kliczbor 24 May, 2013 Thank you for all the music Trevor - though you didn't know it you have been with me since I was a teenager in the early 70's. R.I.P Peter Kasteiner 23 May, 2013 Im very sad to hear this meassge. Se la tv è un narcotico, il blog può essere un ipnotico potentissimo, siamo rinchiusi nelle nostre casette e non facciamo nulla.

It was fantastic to meet you and the rest of the band I admired so much since you entered and I started understand music in the second half of the -70. If there is a R R Heaven, I will meet you there MF 30 May, 2013 Rest In Peace Trevor. Ratzinger ha detto: "La risposta alla modernità è Cristo ". Rest in Peace, Trevor, and thank you very much for all the great concerts - my last one with you was on 10 December 2012 in Augsburg. We won't forget you. Chi interviene in un blog, è osservatore e osservato. Words cant describe the shock at Trevor's loss.


I had the pleasure of meeting him after a fantastic concert. Gorgia : Io avrei voluto fare il prete, ma odiavo i bambini. Bolder - Thank You by Your music. La politica latita su questo versante, dai tempi. Pensiamo che Luttazzi verrà a fare quello che già sta facendo nei teatri.

Angels walks with You, Trevor. He was certainly one of the very best bass-players. What a great loss for his family and everybody in the music industry. Feel fortunate to have seen him before this tragic news Kristin 23 May, 2013 It was only in the last couple of years that I really grew to appreciate and love Trevor's playing and songwriting. My condolences to his family and everyone else, who can't stop crying over Trevor's passing. We'll meet again somewhere down the road. Maryann Given 16 November, 2018 Hi! Jiri Burda 26 May, 2013 Sad news on this passing of a great inspiration. I will to him, and you always think because I am a real Heeper. Harry 27 May, 2013 well all miss one of the greates bass players ever.

Mona 28 May, 2013 Have been going to see Heep for the last 38 years and most of it with Trevor. Florida Georgia Line is my favourite country music band. I wish all the strength of the world to the loved ones and family of Trevor and to the band. After the concert in Basel I got the change to find the band in there hotel and be envited to some drinks with Mike Box and Trever Bolder at the Hotel Bar! Thank you for amazing music, amazing performances and everything you did for Uriah Heep and the fans. Chainket 7 May, 2019 Carrie Underwood is my favourite US singer. I will miss him. May the wind be forever at your back. Joachim 30 May, 2013 Thank you, GOD, for Trevor.

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R.I.P Jouni Tarkiainen 23 May, 2013.I.P. Home Il New York Times ha forum siti incontri urlavano e scorrazzavano mentre rimontare Wildt, purissimo inventore di rappresenta lattuale cinematografia nazionale Migliori siti incontri gratis, recensioni siti incontri, sito x conoscere ragazze, bakeca annunci donna cerca uomo roma. Kevin wilson 24 May, 2013 I have meet with Trevor for the first time at legendary first show in former Czechoslovakia in december 1987 in ostrava. First I heard Ray Manzarek (the Doors) sadly passed away, and now Trevor as well! Su Ciao 2 opinioni su Donna Chi lavrebbe detto che sarei diventata lamante di un uomo sposato. Cheers and thanks Trev! I only wish it would have been longer.

Peter lenek 24 May, 2013 Thank you for being part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Va già meglio, no? Glad I got to see you live several times. Kev Mandy 23 May, 2013 I would like to express condolences over the loss of Uriah Heep longtime member, my favourite bass player, songwriter,. Generic Cialis Coupon forum reviews. Le scienze cognitive hanno scoperto che gli elettori non votano i programmi elettorali ma una visione del mondo.

Machs gut Trevor Rudi aus Germany 30 May, 2013 Thank you, for taking me through my youth. His side of the stage was always my preferred option and for me it will always be known as "Trevor's side of the stage." Rest in Peace mate. For Trevor I have hoped it could be many many years from now, but it was'nt to be what way. Ci vado se posso fare satira. Berlusconi ha bisogno di tutti quei soldi, perché senza tutti quei soldi Silvio Berlusconi sarebbe Paolo Berlusconi, no?

La satira è contro il potere. Such an inspiration, thanks Mark Ofenloch 7 June, 2013 Just a great bass player! You will always be fondly remembered by millions of respectful people. The ones I remember are 'The Diary of Jane 'Tourniquet' and, of course their hit 'So Cold'. CarrieAgibe 7 May, 2019 I like EDM songs! RIP Trevor, you will be missed. These are real songs, not fake like today! RIP Kai 30 May, 2013 Was fortunate enough to see, meet and chat with you many times.

Joël tisseyre 30 December, 2013 c'est avec beaucoup de tristesse que je viens d'apprendre le décès de Trevor ce jour en allant sur le site d'Uriah savais qu'il avait un cancer, mais je pensais qu'il rejouerais avec le groupe. 35 #1083 #1077 #1090 #1045 #1075 #1086 #1080 #1082 #1085 #1077 #1073 #1099 #1083 #1090 #1072 #1082 - #1079 #1072 'uriah heep"., 4 July, 2013 Trevor left his mark on many of the people on this planet. Gunther Lambeck 23 May, 2013 Dear Trevor,still in shock, RIP my dear will sadly missed by all the Heep fans,Heep,and wish you're familie a lot of streght.Joke and Peter from Hungary. Harry Otten 30 May, 2013 Trevor Bolder was the best bass guitarist in the world a man i looked. 2 (da Lepidezze Postribolari, 2007; ripreso in fo ) Non le piacque la cucina greca. You where a fantastic bassplayer and it was a pleasure to see you so many times live on stage. Il governo Berlusconi riduce pesantemente gli organici scolastici e le ore di lezione, taglia le retribuzioni, taglia gli stanziamenti, immagina classi di 30 alunni e classi separate per immigrati, privatizza l'università (cosa che esaspererà le logiche baronali taglia. Rens from Holland 3 June, 2013 I got to know you as host/concert promoter in ex-Yugoslavia. I wish all his friends and family all the best of strength in these days of sadness. All band members has reunited to give more than 50 concerts for their fans in 2019!

RIP yep 30 May, 2013 So long, Trevor! He will be sorely missed. I saw him live with Uriah Heep, a lot of good memories. My condolences go to his family, his friends and not at last to his mates of Uriah Heep. You will always be with.

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sei gay tv bacheca escort milano Every evening wheo TO sleep embrace sei gay tv bacheca escort milano THE photo portrait with which together with ALL OF YOU AND mick thank you. Johnnyket 2 May, 2019 I like folk songs! Heep goes on, but will miss him.
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Your personality and power will never be forgotten. Thanks for the joy. Maria Lundy 23 May, 2013 It was one of my firtst concert visites when I saw Uriah Heep! Will be greatly missed, by all. Dave AND hazel slowey 23 May, 2013 edereen weet nu wel dat Trevor Bolder van Uriah Heep is overleden. David Robinson 28 May, 2013 I will never forget your great bass playing. And my favourite electronic band is The Cheinsmokers! Pavel from Zlin 20 June, 2013 Rest in peace. Io vorrei l'introduzione di un comma per le cause civili, il comma Luttazzi, secondo cui tu potente puoi farmi causa per 120 miliardi o per 20 miliardi, come nel caso di Berlusconi, ma se la causa. I really enjoy your music with Uriah Heep.

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